Sacred Ground Walk™

Heal & Transform

Hello! I’m Shelly

Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Co-Walker Committed to Helping Others

Has life served you a load of crap from time to time? Me too! At some point I began thinking of these challenges as sacred. Sacred because I could choose to grow through it or choose to give up. With each challenge I would look down at my feet and know I needed to tread carefully along this sacred path.  Each challenge, though painful, became a sacred opportunity not to be taken lightly.

Some challenges arrive suddenly — like a family member’s suicide. Some arrive through the healing process as realizations bubble up inside me.

I developed a way to walk through all of them. It’s by following the LIGHT! I would love to share this process with you, your group, or organization.

With Sacred Ground Walk, LLC, Shelly provides the following:

  • Spiritual retreats in the field of personal growth;
  • Books documenting some of Shelly’s sacred ground walks and experiences;
  • Speaking engagements tailored to your organization’s needs; and
  • Both in-person and online holistic coaching services, called co-walks™, in the field of personal development.